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Edmonton's Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Are you looking for an installer for your Vinyl Plank flooring? We are your go-to experts in Edmonton. Our installers specialize in this type of flooring and will provide you with a durable and reliable result. Furthermore, they are courteous, punctual, and honest. We stand behind our work with a warranty and look forward to building great relationships with our customers. Contact us now to discuss your project needs!  
Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Edmonton

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Getting the most out of your Vinyl Plank Flooring Investment

Vinyl Plank flooring has been a top pick among homeowners for the past few years due to its robustness and water resistance. It is available in wood or tile-look visuals and can be used in any room of the house, even bathrooms and kitchens. For those seeking a consistent look throughout their home, Vinyl Plank can be an ideal choice.   

Vinyl Plank flooring comes in a variety of qualities and styles, with some being more suitable for particular situations than others. Options include glue-down Vinyl Plank floors, click-style floors and even loose lay types. Some of the products are superior while others are quite thin with delicate locking systems.   The levelness of the base floor is of great significance when installing Vinyl Plank floors. A few products necessitate that the surface be almost perfectly flat to meet the manufacturer's guidelines. These items are so thin that any deviation in your joists could cause the flooring to fail, as their slimness makes them especially vulnerable.   

If you use these products, it may be necessary to add an additional layer of wood underlayment to make sure the floor is strong enough to handle them. Unfortunately, this will cancel out any savings from opting for a cheaper and thinner vinyl plank. Condo boards have specific requirements when it comes to soundproofing, and oftentimes customers find that their purchases are not accepted by their board. 

We are here to help you decide on the best vinyl plank flooring underlay for your space. We have extensive knowledge of these products and can make sure that the installation is done correctly and according to warranty requirements. Too thick an underlay may void the warranty or lead to locking mechanism failure, so it's important to get professional assistance in selecting the right option. Let us guide you in making a good choice and then we'll install it properly.