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Since 2010, we have been providing floor installation services throughout Western Canada for more than a decade. Our services are available to both the commercial and residential sectors, and we offer installation crews to major retailers. We are one of the biggest flooring installation companies in Western Canada, giving us plenty of experience with flooring installations. All our installations follow industry standards and we make sure our customers know how to take care of their floors properly. We cater to those who want a professional job done at an affordable price.  
All of our installation personnel are insured and highly skilled in their field. We have conducted criminal background checks and they have a proven track record of excellent customer service. Our flooring installers are experienced professionals who use the best tools available in the industry. They adhere to industry norms for installation and ensure that the site meets those standards as well. All floors we install come with a one-year guarantee, and our team includes an NWFA certified flooring inspector too.  

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