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Edmonton's Tile Installation

We are the go-to tile installation professionals in the Edmonton region. Our team of knowledgeable installers is available to provide you with excellent service for your backsplash, wall, shower, or floor tiling needs. Our installers have impeccable skills and use methods that will ensure a durable finish. Additionally, they are courteous, punctual, and dependable - we guarantee it! We value our customers and are proud to offer a workmanship warranty along with long-term customer relationships. Contact us now to discuss your tile project!  
Tile Installation Edmonton

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Getting the most out of your Tiling Investment

Tile can be seen as the jewelry of your home! 

It takes a great deal of thought and effort to choose the right type and installation pattern, so that you can enjoy the look for many years. Natural stone materials differ from man-made Tiles, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. They are installed on floors, walls, showers, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes - really any place you can think of! 

We advise clients to select classic Tile for bigger spaces and opt for more fun and trendy options in smaller areas like the backsplash. 

Replacing Tile is expensive, so it's not something most people decide to do without much thought. 

Installing Tile is not a straightforward job and requires a skilled specialist who understands the necessary codes for installation. As it is such a specialized task, most Tile fitters only do this type of work. The surface beneath the new flooring must be stable to ensure the longevity of your Tile and proper assessment needs to be done before proceeding with installation. For wet areas, extensive knowledge about water protection systems is needed. We will select an installer who has the right experience for your particular Tile choice and setup.