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Are you looking for a Hardwood floor and someone to install it? Our Edmonton-based flooring experts are the people for you! Our specialized Hardwood flooring installers are knowledgeable, quick and their methods will guarantee a resilient finish. They are also very courteous, prompt and reliable. We stand behind our workmanship with a warranty and have longstanding relationships with our customers. Contact us today to talk about your Hardwood floor project!  

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Getting the most out of your Hardwood Flooring Investment

Hardwood flooring provides a classic and stylish touch to a house that cannot be replicated by any other type of flooring. There is an abundance of wood varieties, each possessing its own individual qualities. The level of quality for Hardwood products runs the gamut. It's critical to consider the installation techniques and environment when deciding which type of floor will work best for you. Hardwood floors can either be nailed, stapled, glued or floated depending on the subfloor and installation circumstances.     

In order to have a floor that fits your home and lifestyle, it is essential to get assistance from an experienced individual when selecting your materials. Furthermore, the installation of these products necessitates an expert in the field as they require expertise and experience. Acclimation is critical in our climate, so this step should never be disregarded. Engineered floors usually have a broader range of environmental conditions for installation, but still need acclimation and maintenance of the home's environment.   

Customers are frequently surprised when their floors do not function properly due to a lack of proper environmental conditions, and we have witnessed total devastation when the product's climate requirements are ignored. Sticking to the manufacturer's instructions and the National Wood Flooring Association's installation techniques is essential for a successful hardwood installation. Our installers understand our climate, recognize the best practices, and will guarantee that your floor is correctly installed.   

Hardwood flooring installation is a great opportunity for installers to demonstrate their expertise! Chevron and herringbone patterns are fashionable choices for Hardwood, and we take pleasure in watching these attractive floors alter a space.